"I traded in my rigid 8-6, Mon-Fri, miserable desk job for a super flexible, 24/7, passion cafe-table job. Yay! Oh, the irony."

— Creative Clo

This is crazy. They didn’t have to shoot to kill. He didn’t deserve the death sentence right now. Police need to be trained on how NOT to SHOOT TO KILL on only black PETTY thefts.

Clearly, this man was fed up and frustrated to his breaking point. The police that gave the story about what happened, lied. Saying that he was 3ft in attack mode, that’s completely false.

If anything this is living proof that the police will rather lie about the need to use necessary force to kill tax paying Americans. instead of what they should be doing which is addressing the need for them to be trained on how to subdue a man before giving him the immediate death sentence. Once again in the middle of a neighborhood for everyone around to be traumatized by. 

He didn’t deserve to be killed. But he did it to prove a point. He had kept his distance unlike what police said.

Emotional and frustrated American citizens have just as much rights, IF NOT MORE, to go home or be treated with justice and given a chance at life—and even his fair trial. He deserves justice not death. He deserved to be subdued and have his chances in life, not killed and taken away.

If WWIII happens, it won’t be against other nations, it will be within our own country. Whatever takes for police to address their UNNECESSARY extreme behavior towards residents.

I love the Bizz Plans! Great words of wisdom for those wishing to up their social media marketing game. 

My phone died right before I got on the water which sucks bc I don’t know when I’ll have the opportunity again to show that I, Clo, got to steer a #motorboat around the #Thames river for hours this afternoon. #ilovelondon #americaninlondon

My phone died right before I got on the water which sucks bc I don’t know when I’ll have the opportunity again to show that I, Clo, got to steer a #motorboat around the #Thames river for hours this afternoon. #ilovelondon #americaninlondon

The Nietzsche Project. 
Whenever your in the crossroads of a decision that appeases your heart and happiness vs appeasing your mind and securing your level of comfortable misery, this quote puts your decision making into perspective.  It always has for me. 

The Nietzsche Project. 

Whenever your in the crossroads of a decision that appeases your heart and happiness vs appeasing your mind and securing your level of comfortable misery, this quote puts your decision making into perspective.  It always has for me. 

"All You F*&in’ Animals" American Law Enforcements Attitude towards Black Communities

Hearing the Cop calling the emotional residents protesting against the shooting of an unarmed ‘gentlegiant’ teenager ”All of you F&ckin’ Animals” (taped on camera at :22 seconds) is what’s wrong with the American Law Enforcement right now.

It’s a sentiment/attitude toward low income black communities that continue to feed and grow these tragic stories. And when you really think about it, its an attitude that gets displayed at many large [peaceful] protests going on:

(Occupy at UC Davis)


When I was in Oakland on broadway observing all the positive activities taking place by a growing number of diverse people coming together to peacefully rally against the lack of justice being taken on account of Oscar Grant. Where a full train of people on the Bart had to bare witness an unnecessary murder of an innocent and defenseless man on the platform. So many camera phones captured and yet the Bart officer was protected from the justice system by only having to serve 2 years in jail…a sentence no other citizen could get a way with. 


Sadly, the only thing that the families and the residents are left with was a movie detailing the events of the injustice “Fruitvale Station”—leaving people in theaters everywhere in tears and walking out to find a nice restaurant to enjoy the rest of their evening at.

America has a problem of instilling its citizens to generalize human and separate them into groups by inherit physical differences. This viewpoint then lends itself to what has become the common practice of ‘stereotyping’. Stereotyping can be innocent and stereotyping can be dangerous.  which people justify its use as based on truth. However, they also overlook the fact that it also over simplifies and blinds them to the other contributing factors that create this stereotype.

Law Enforcement is not held accountable to their misuse of power. Even if it takes life away, they are forgiven immediately. 

It seems that there is a culture…a brotherhood, if you will amongst law enforcement. They simplify the equation to anyone that ‘disturbs order’ is the bad guy. 

But are all disturbers the ‘bad guy’? Is a peaceful protest ‘disturbing the peace’? Was the peace not disturbed when a teenager was murdered in the light of day for reasons no eyewitness was able to find?  

What constitutes a high school teenager to be shot 10 times by a police officer? Resisting arrest? Having a gun in their pocket? Stealing candy from a store? 

Where is the understanding? Where is the compassion? Where’s the sympathies from the cohort responsible? Even if was hypothetically at fault—the fact that he’s an teenage american is a tragedy. 

"Bring it, All You F&cking Animals"

There it is. Right there on video. 

Its no longer law enforcement. It’s POWER enforcement. 

Those who threaten it become enemies by those who enforce it. 

The difference between the color of skin for those who protest it, is the weapon choice it will incite. If its an issue that oppresses the races indiscriminately then weapons that cause suffering but do not threaten lives will be used:Pepper spray, tear gas, controlled physical force.

When it particularly threatens the black community, its m-16s, tanks, and German Shepherds, and emotionally-charged force. 

What is the solution?

Given that there have been 20 incidents like these (You can flip through the pages here:  Men Without Weapons Killed by Law Enforcement. Why hasn’t this issue been addressed at the highest level? Why when we ask WHY to these abusive police, do they only continue to aggravate their actions to even worse violations without explanation?

How do you think police should be responding to these incidents to avoid rioting and community upheaval? Where have things taken a wrong turn to make police feel as if its US vs THEM…and not we’re all in this together? Are they blind to their prejudice actions? Or are they just minions to the higher order, sick with power and entitlement to power at the expense of the most vulnerable?


And then I asked the audience “You don’t think I was scared?”

Quitting my job? Running out of money? Hosting a game show for the first time? Having my own talk show? Of course I had some fears. It’s natural. But the key is not to let those fears keep you from saying “yes” to an opportunity.

I have found that some people are waiting for their fears to completely go away before they will go after their dreams. Scared of failure, scared of financial loss, scared of losing family or friends or scared of stepping into the unknown, they don’t take advantage of all that’s available to them. They simply won’t take a chance.

I have learned over the years that if you are waiting NOT to be scared, nervous, fearful or uneasy, the time for you to act will never come. You must learn to manage your fears as best you can and take the necessary steps to move you closer to your goals. You won’t ever get where you want to be if you’re not willing to do that.”


— Steve Harvey

The Epidemic of People Who Are Afraid to Admit They’re Wrong and How It’s Destroying Our Society

Can someone please perform a dissertation on how there’s a growing epidemic of people who are absolutely freaked out at the idea of them possibly being wrong on an issue and therefore will go to extreme irrational lengths to manipulate the conversation to deflect from the solution/truth or acknowledge that their point wasn’t as valid as they thought and be GRATEFUL for the enlightened information that another person just brought into their lives?

What’s become the norm—all handed down from our political ‘elite’ leaders is the successfulness to remain deaf to reason that threatens their beliefs that may no longer be true and resort to ‘attacking the persons character, sarcasm, sticking their fingers in their ear and yelling out ‘i’m not listening’, and changing the subject.

And then this dissertation can highlight all the millions of ways that this epidemic is singlehandedly destroying our ability to tackle real life issues as a society where we could have all been living with our differences so much more peacefully right now!

In fact, let’s implement debate courses and clubs and events where people don’t learn to ‘win’ or ‘lose’ because a real conversation that brings forth a solution, regardless of whom came to it first, means EVERYBODY benefits from this solution being solved—there ARE NO LOSERS. Eff your ego!

Let’s also have debate clubs where people compete on making the best attempt to proactively listen and ‘understand each other’s opposing view best’ and who was able to take a valid point that opposed/proved their original point wrong and thus, understood and supported this valid point with grace and DIGNITY. (Do people remember what that is anymore???)

Let’s NOT celebrate those who were able to manipulate the conversation the best, obscure valid points and then win because they put their fingers in their ears and screamed at the top of their lungs ‘I’m not listening’ after they realize their argument is no longer proven valid. 

It’s insane. Come on civilization. CIVILIZE UP!!!!

That’s all. Thanks. 

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